Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy jukes left, hoping she can lose the KILLER in the darkness. As she runs down the street, a pair of headlights come upon her. Amy freezes in the street, like a frightened deer. The car stops and a man comes out from behind the wheel.

Man: Are you okay?

Amy is shivering. She can hear a woman inside the car, as well.

Woman: Frank! Get back in the car, we can call 911.

Frank ignores her and walks to her.

Frank: Are you hurt, miss?
Amy: P-p-police.
Frank: Okay, but for right now, let's get you to a hospital.

Frank puts his jacket over her shoulders and guides her to his car. It doesn't sound like Frank's wife approves, but Amy barely hears her. She gets into the back seat, and the car quickly barrels off into the night.