Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy runs to the front door and pulls on Nick's body with all her might. She screams when she realizes the door is locked and her fingers, slippery with blood, fumble with them. She hears the KILLER enter the hallway and thinking she won't get the door open in time, panics and runs upstairs. He is right behind her on the stairs, but Amy manages to lock herself in one of the bedrooms.

The door shudders against its frame, as the KILLER smashes against it. Amy moves a dresser in front of the door and then looks to the window for an escape. It is the second floor, but she has no choice. The KILLER is almost through, as Amy climbs through the window and lets go. 

She lands awkwardly on her ankle, but other than that, she is okay. Amy opens the back door and looks up. The KILLER is looking down at her from the bedroom window. She gasps as she sees his head disappear from view.