Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A TYPICAL SUBURBAN townhouse on an average autumn night. A group of twenty somethings have gathered together for some drinks and a few laughs. Soon, they will be set upon by a homicidal maniac who has just escaped from an asylum. Taking control of the protagonist Amy, you'll make the important decisions that will determine her fate. 


AMY is at a house party with her friend JENN. Their mutual friend JANEY is the one who invited them. Janey is going out with RICH, who is one of the three people who live in the house. The other two are DAX, for whom Janey is trying to play matchmaker, and stoner DUNCAN. Also, at the party is the shy and awkward LENNY, a childhood of friend of Rich's. Rich is trying to get Lenny out of his shell by inviting him. There are four others, as well. NICK & MARCO are friends from high school and your typical jocks. Nick is with his girlfriend LIZZIE, who he's been dating for a month or so. Lizzie is there with her best friend DIANA, who has just started seeing Marco.

We begin with the party in full swing and on the main floor, which has an open concept living room/dining room/kitchen layout. Rich & Janey are making out on the couch in the living room. Lenny is sitting on the edge of the couch looking uncomfortable, trying to ignore them and watch the TV, even though music is blaring over it. Duncan has already passed out in a drug-induced stupor on the easy chair off to the side. In the kitchen, Marco & Nick are in a conversation with Lizzie & Diana. In the dining room, Jenn & Amy are getting to know Dax. We begin here.

Dax: So, how do guys know each other?
Amy: Oh, a while now. We met at a sorority pledge meeting.
Dax: You guys are sorority sisters?
Jenn: No, we just met there. We took one look at the girls we were supposed to be looking up to, and both said 'fuck that'.
Dax: Yeah, I never really understand those things either. What if your so-called brothers and sisters turn out to be assholes? You're supposed to treat them like family because you wear the same letters?
Amy: Apparently.
Dax: No thanks.
Jenn: So, when did you move in?
Dax: A few weeks ago. Still adjusting though.
Jenn: To what? (sarcastically) Dunc & Rich's playboy lifestyle?
Dax: (smiling) That too, but I meant more that I still haven't gotten used to there being no mountains.
Amy: You're from out west?
Dax: Yeah.
Amy: What's it like out there? I've heard good things.
Dax: It definitely a different pace, that's for sure.
Jenn: In what way?
Dax: More relaxed, people are less irritable than they are here, present company excluded, of course.
Amy: (giggling) Of course.
Jenn: It's the winters.
Dax: Oh really? I was kind of looking forward to the snow.
Amy: You ski?
Dax: No, I was just want to build a really cool snow fort.
Amy: Really?
Dax: (chuckling) No.
Amy: (laughs)
Dax: So, what keeps you busy around here?
Jenn: Well, I work in a bank and Amy's a nursing student.
Dax: Oh yeah? (to Amy) What's that like?
Amy: I love it. It's really hard work, but totally fulfilling.
Jenn: What do you do?
Dax: I work with Duncan at Sharkey's.
Jenn: Oh yeah? (looks over at Duncan) I sometimes forget he has a real job-type-job. You a busboy, too?
Dax: No, I bartend.
Amy: Really? Can you do any those bottle pouring tricks?
Dax: I've been known to do a mean flaming sambuca.
Jenn: Really? I'd like to see that!
Dax: I'll see if we can make that happen. Hey Rich? Rich!

Rich finally pries himself away from Janey to get up and respond to Dax.

Rich: What up?
Dax: Do we have any sambuka here?
Rich: What do I look like, Captain Morgan?
Dax: That's rum, dipshit.
Rich: Well, we don't have that either.
Dax: Okay. Carry on.

As this is going on, Amy & Jenn stare at each other across the table. Jenn mouths the words “He's mine.”