Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy grabs Jenn and they run to the back door and out into the yard, with Marco in tow. They go to the back fence and try to climb it, but it is too high. Marco quickly heaves Jenn over the fence. He goes to grab Amy next.

Amy: How are you going to get over?
Marco: Don't worry about that, just come on!

Marco pushes Amy onto the fence. Amy gets her feet over and reaches down, grabbing Marco's hands. She is trying to pull him up, as the KILLER arrives. He cuts off both of Marco's forearms and Amy falls back onto the other side of the fence with a thud. She screams when she realizes she is still holding onto Marco's severed hands.  Amy can hear his dying screams coming from the other side. Amy & Diana scream again and run off in the night.