Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy: I’m not leaving without Jenn!
Lizzie: Nick, let’s go.

Lizzie moves to the front door, but Nick turns to Marco, who is taking a closer look at the stains on the couch.

Nick: (to Marco) What do you think, Marco?
Marco: I want to find Lenny, he’s probably upstairs.

Nick looks down the hall, the front door is still closed.

Nick: Where’d Lizzie go?

Amy looks down the hall.

Amy: Oh no.
Nick: Shut up!
Amy: Diana, can I please just use your phone?
Diana: (reluctantly) Ok.

Diana hands over her phone and follows Marco upstairs. Nick goes to the front door in search of Lizzie and sees the washroom door is closed. He knocks on it.

Nick: You in there, Liz?

No answer. Amy watches as Nick opens the front door and steps outside.