Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy sits on the couch and pulls out her cell phone to call a cab, but her battery is dead. She looks at Duncan, who is still passed out in his easy chair.

Amy: Duncan. Where's your cell phone?

No response.

Amy: Duncan! Wake up, I want to call a cab!

Amy gets up and goes over to him. She reaches out and shakes him and her hand comes back bloody. Amy screams when she realizes Duncan isn't passed out, but dead.

Dax & Jenn rush in from the backyard to see what's wrong. Amy points to Duncan. They can see a knife sticking out of the back of Duncan's chair. Dax looks over at Amy.

Dax: (yelling) Amy, look out!

Amy turns just in time to avoid a very large machete wielded by a man dressed in black wearing a cheap Halloween mask. Amy screams, as Dax jumps on the KILLER.

Dax: RUN!

Amy & Jenn do as they're told, as they hear Dax scream in agony from behind them. They hit the front door, but it is locked and there's no time to undo it, as the KILLER is already coming down the hall. Amy looks to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms and then to the small washroom to their right.