Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy sits on the couch and pulls out her cell phone to call a cab, but her battery is dead. She looks at Duncan, who is still passed out in his easy chair.

Amy: Duncan. Where's your cell phone?

No response.

Amy: Duncan! Wake up, I want to call a cab!

Amy gets up and goes over to him. She reaches out and shakes him and her hand comes back bloody. Amy screams when she realizes Duncan isn't passed out, but dead.  
Dax & Jenn appear at the back door, but its locked. They look at her and Amy points to Duncan. Dax & Jenn both see the knife sticking out of the back of Duncan's chair. Amy moves to let them in and, but then sees a look of horror wash over Dax & Jenn, as they see something behind her. 

She turns her head and sees a man dressed in black wearing a cheap Halloween mask right behind her. Before Amy can react, The KILLER plunges a knife deep into her back with such force, it lifts her off the ground. Jenn screams as she sees her friend die before her eyes.