Saturday, October 9, 2010


Amy nods in agreement, figuring she'll let Jenn have this one. Dax sits back down and the conversation continues.

Dax: Sorry ladies, it looks like if you want a demonstration, you'll have to come by my office. I'm in all next week.
Jenn: Great.
Amy: Will you guys excuse me?
Dax: Sure.

Amy gets up and moves to the living room. She looks at the passed out form of Duncan and then sits on the couch beside Lenny, who is now by himself as Rich & Janey have retired to the upstairs.

Amy: Hi, we've met, haven't we?
Lenny: Yeah, at Janey's party last year and I think Rich's birthday at Sharkey's.
Amy: Oh yeah, how ya doin?
Lenny: Not bad for a fifth wheel.
Amy: I know the feeling.
Lenny: Really?

Amy motions to Dax & Jenn.

Lenny: They together already? I thought you guys just met.
Amy: We did.
Lenny: Then what gives, you're way prettier than her.
Amy: (chuckling) Stop.
Lenny: Just saying.
Amy: I dunno, guess I figured it wasn't worth the effort.
Lenny: He seems all right to me.
Amy: Oh, I didn't mean it that way. I guess I'm just in a giving mood tonight.
Lenny: Really?

Jenn and Dax go outside into the backyard, as the glass sliding door opens, Amy shoots a glance over there. Lenny takes the opportunity to move closer to her.

Amy: Well, what about you? If you were in the same situation with Rich, wouldn't you step aside?
Lenny: Never happen.
Amy: You wouldn't do it?
Lenny: No, I mean it's not a fair comparison. No girl is going to pick me over Rich.
Amy: What kind of attitude is that?
Lenny: Hey, I don't make the rules.
Amy: Whatever, say it did happen, would you?
Lenny: I dunno. Probably.

Nick, Marco, Lizzie & Diana all head down to the basement.

Amy: What's on the tube?
Lenny: Not much, just the news. Trapped miners in South America, escaped lunatic on the loose, baseball playoffs.
Amy: Why not change the channel?
Lenny: The news is something I can watch without sound.
Amy: I don't know, I kind of like watching movies like that.
Lenny: Really?
Amy: Yeah. I was with this friend one time who was back from university and she took me to this club. I wasn't really into the music, but they had these TV's above the bar playing old horror movies.
Lenny: That sounds awesome!
Amy: It was, kinda.
Lenny: Well, let's see what we got.

Lenny goes for the remote from the table and sits back down even closer. He cycles through the channels and finds Night of the Living Dead.

Lenny & Amy: (in unison) Perfect.

They look at each other and laugh and there is a pause. Lenny goes in for a kiss.