Saturday, October 9, 2010


Amy mouths the words “Fuck You” in reply. Dax sits back down and the conversation continues.

Dax: Sorry ladies, it looks like if you want a demonstration, you'll have to come by my office.
Amy: Love to.
Dax: Cool, I'll save you a seat. I work all next week.
Jenn: Great. So, what else do you like to do?
Dax: I like to swim.
Amy: I love to swim! My parent's have a cottage up North and I practically live in the lake while I'm there.
Dax: That sounds awesome.

Dax sees a commercial for a local haunted house on the TV.

Dax: So, have you guys got your Halloween costumes yet?
Jenn: Yeah soon, I'm thinking Red Riding Hood this year.
Dax: Nice. Amy?
Amy: No, I always say I'm gonna be really creative, but then I always run out of time and then end up having to whip up something last minute.
Dax: I know exactly what you mean. 
Amy: Yeah, but it's different for women.
Dax: How so?
Jenn: Yeah, what now?
Amy: I don't know, it seems the majority of women just use Halloween as an excuse to dress like a slut.
Jenn: Since when have you ever needed a reason?
Dax: Ouch.
Amy: (ignoring Jenn) So, what about you?
Dax: Han Solo.
Amy: Oooh, sexy.
Dax: That's the idea.
Amy: You know, that was the problem with those new Star Wars movies?
Dax: The only problem?
Amy: Pfff, I wish. No, they didn't have any sexy leading men in them?
Jenn: What about Hayden whats-his-face?
Amy: Oh please. That guy has about as much charisma as this bag of chips.
Dax: She's got you there.
Amy: Think about it though. In Star Wars, there's Han the tough guy, the clean cut sensitive type Luke, then ladies man Lando comes along in next one.
Dax: Huh. Can't say I've ever thought about it that way, I was more focused on Leia's gold bikini --
Amy: Naturally.
Dax: Hey, I just had a brilliant idea for your costume.
Amy: (chuckling) Not likely.
Dax: Come on. You. Me. People love matching costumes!
Amy: Let me mull it over.
Jenn: Will you excuse me?
Dax: Sure.

Jenn goes over to the couch in the living and sits down beside Lenny, who is now by himself, as Rich & Janey have just gone upstairs together. Amy moves closer to Dax.

Dax: So, have I really lucked out and met a female Star Wars fan?
Amy: Looks that way. I have two older brothers, so I kind of grew up with it I guess.
Dax: I wish I had an older brother. There's so many advantages.
Amy: Such as?
Dax: Well, for one thing, there's the thing you just said, you get exposed to stuff that you might not have otherwise. Plus, you've got someone to watch your back while you're growing up.
Amy: True, but only because they feel it's their right and no one else's to bully you around.
Dax: There's that, I suppose. But I also hear you get spoiled a lot. Like the oldest has to beg for their license, but the youngest gets a car on their birthday.
Amy: (scoffing) I don't know where you heard that, but there certainly weren't any cars waiting in the driveway for me.
Dax: Okay, guess it was just wishful thinking.
Amy: (smiling) Maybe.
Dax: Listen, I'm gonna go outside for a smoke, you want to come with?