Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy and Lenny go upstairs and enter one of the free bedrooms. Rich comes out of an adjacent bedroom as Lenny is going in and they exchange a fist bump. Amy sits on the bed, and smiles.

Amy: I saw that.
Lenny: Oh?
Amy: Was this part of some master plan?
Lenny: Hardly. But I'd be lying if this wasn't a best case scenario.

Lenny sits down next to her.

Amy: Oh really? (chuckling) This isn't a regular Saturday night for you?
Lenny: Again, hardly. Trust me, my evenings are usually far less stimulating.
Amy: (laughing) You're adorable.
Lenny: I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Amy: It's good, Lenny. Come 'ere.

They begin to kiss, and soon they are pretty hot and heavy. The clothes have just started coming off, when the power goes out.

Amy: Whoa, was that you?
Lenny: No, sorry.
Amy: The power must've gone out, the music's stopped.
Lenny: So, what do we need lights for?

Lenny starts kissing her neck.