Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy grabs the closest thing, an empty beer bottle and smashes it on the nearest hard surface. Diana grabs the metal bar and Lizzie seems catatonic. The KILLER reaches the basement and advances on the three women.

Diana strikes first with the metal bar, which the KILLER parries easily and then gives her a face full of machete. She squeals and falls to the side. Lizzie snaps out of her stupor and makes a run for it, but with a quick sidestep, the KILLER guts her with his blade. 

While he is distracted, Amy runs up to the KILLER and jabs her bottle into his neck. His hands go to his throat and he falls to his knees. Amy runs to the stairs and looks back.  Lizzie is crawling along the floor, and reaches out to Amy.

Lizzie: (barely audible) He-lp.

Her intestines are unravelling all around her. The KILLER has fallen on his side and has stopped moving.