Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy: There's no way I'm going back up there.
Marco: Whatever.

Marco heads upstairs and soon they hear a big commotion up there.

Amy: You see! Someone's up there. Please let's call the police!
Lizzie: I can't get any reception down here.
Amy: Shit!
Nick: Would you all relax, it's probably Marco wiping the floor with Lenny like he said he was going to, I'm going upstairs.
Amy: No!
Nick: Look, you want to make a call, we got to go upstairs anyway.
Amy (pause) Okay.

Amy, Lizzie & Diana follow Nick up the stairs. The second Nick opens the door, he is skewered to it by a machete held by a man dressed in black, wearing a cheap Halloween mask. 

Amy, Lizzie & Diana all scream in unison and run back downstairs. They are standing in the basement hysterical, as they can hear the KILLER coming down the stairs after them. Amy looks around for something to defend herself with.