Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy picks the first door she sees and bounds downstairs. Nick, Marco, Lizzie & Diana have seemingly just started a game of strip poker and all look up at her as she barrels in.

Nick: Whoa!
Marco: What the hell's wrong with you?
Amy: Lenny's dead!
Nick: What?
Amy: Someone just killed him upstairs! Call the police!
Marco: What? No way, it's one of Lenny's stupid jokes.
Amy: It's not a joke!
Lizzie: (pointing) Is that blood?
Amy: Yes!
Marco: No, it isn't.
Amy: Fuck you! I saw him die.
Marco: Whatever, I'm going upstairs, and I swear if the floor is buttered, the only video going up on YouTube tomorrow is of me kicking Lenny's ass.
Nick: I'd like to see that.

Marco gets up and goes toward the stairs.

Amy: Don't go, please let's just call the police.
Marco: Look it'll be fine, come with me if you want.