Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy runs out the first door she sees, and into the garage. She runs to the garage door, but it won't open. Amy can hear screaming come from inside the house, as the KILLER dispatches Lizzie & Diana. 

She moves to go back into the house, when the KILLER enters the garage and advances on her. Amy grabs the nearest random objects available and starts hurling them at the KILLER. Items like a garden spade, a jar of nails and a roll of duct tape glance off him harmlessly. Amy then grabs a mason jar of gasoline and throws it. It smashes into the KILLER's face and he is momentarily stunned, as the gas runs into his eyes. Amy sees a barbecue lighter on the shelf and grabs it, but with a few clicks realizes it is out of gas. 

The KILLER recovers and slashes Amy across the chest. She screams and goes down in a bloodied heap. She tries to get up on her hands & knees, but the KILLER brings his boot down on her head, crushing her skull.