Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy listens for a moment more.

Amy: All right.
Nick: So how many you want?

Amy looks at her two queens, and puts down her discards.

Amy: Three please.
Marco: She's so polite.
Amy: Well, if I'm gonna take all your clothes, stud.
Nick: (laughing) And confident!  Lizzie?
Lizzie: I'll take two.
Nick: Diana?
Diana: Two as well.
Nick: (to Marco) And you?
Marco: I'm good.
Amy: Oh wow, now look who's confident!
Marco: Yep, so confident I bet my pants.
Lizzie: Fold.
Diana: Fold.
Marco: (to Diana) Oh come on!
Diana: (chuckling) You're not gonna see anything this hand.
Nick: I fold as well, I'm in no hurry to see your bare ass, man.

Marco makes a kissing gesture at Nick.

Amy: I'll take that bet. I put up my shirt, and raise you my bra, as well.
Marco: What?
Diana: I thought we were only allowed one thing a round?
Amy: I have no objections… If Marco doesn't?

Amy smiles at Marco. Marco looks at Diana. She gives him a look and crosses her arms, but stays silent. Marco ponders his next move.

Nick: Hold that thought, I gotta take a leak.
Marco: What? We're in the middle of a hand!
Nick: Sorry, man. When you gotta go, you gotta go.
Marco: Well, make yourself useful and grab some brews while you're up there.
Nick: Sure.

Nick leaves. Amy looks back at Marco. There is a pause.

Amy: So?
Marco: I thought we were waiting for Nick?
Amy: I'm sure he'll be able to figure out which one of us lost when he gets back.
Marco: All right, girl. I call that bet. But, when I win, you better show.
Amy: If you win.

Marco puts down his hand. He has three jacks.

Marco: Trip jacks. You need some help gettin' out of those?

Marco points to Amy's clothes.

Diana: Marco? What the fuck?
Marco: (to Diana) Oh, come on Di, I'm just fucking around.

Amy winks at Diana, then puts down her cards, revealing three queens.

Lizzie: Oh shiiiit!
Marco: You gotta be kidding me?
Amy: Nope.
Diana: Okay, Marco, pay the lady.
Marco: Crap, fucking Nick leaves me alone and I get fleeced. Where is he anyway? Did he fall in?
Amy: I dunno, but quit stalling.
Marco: Hold on. I'm gonna go get Nick first.
Diana: What? Get outta here.
Amy: Why?
Marco: Because I need a couple of shots first.
Amy: (to Diana) Stage fright? Who would've thought?

All three girls laugh.

Marco: Oh, haha. I'll be right back.  

He gets up to leave.