Saturday, October 9, 2010


Amy doesn't smoke but takes a cigarette anyway. He hands her a lighter and she imitates the motion she's seen people do a million times and lights it. She puts the lighter in her pocket and inhales. And then coughs roughly.

Dax: Whoa, you okay?
Amy: (coughing) Yeah.
Dax: Been a while?
Amy: Yeah, like never.
Dax: You've never smoked before?
Amy: Sure I have.

Amy takes another drag, grimacing.

Dax: Give me that.

He takes the cigarette and tosses it away.

Amy: Hey!
Dax: It's cool if you smoke, but I'm sure not going to be the one who gets you started.
Amy: Okay...

He takes a drag of his smoke and leans against the fence and Amy moves closer to him.

Dax: So, what were we talking about?
Amy: Older brothers.
Dax: Oh right. Another advantage is they'd be able to get you into Restricted movies.
Amy: Well, that's true. I remember going with them to the Drive-In a lot.
Dax: (chuckling) What is this, the fifties?
Amy: What?
Dax: Where is there a Drive-In around here?
Amy: There's one up on Highway 5.
Dax: That's still open?!
Amy: Yeah.
Dax: They used to smuggle you in the trunk?
Amy: Pfff, now who thinks it’s the fifties... You'd think I'd give them a perfect opportunity to mess with me? No, I'd sit in the back and my brothers would be in the front. I'd sit on the far side, so the ticket guy couldn't really see my face if I looked out the window.
Dax: Good plan. See, I never got to do that.
Amy: Aww, poor baby.
Dax: Yeah, I had to get my Dad to rent them from the video store like every other schlep.

Dax tosses his cigarette away.

Amy: All right, I concede, having an older sibling has its advantages.
Dax: You see, now you understand the deprived childhood I had.
Amy: Looks like you survived.
Dax: Barely.

Dax gives her a look and leans in for a kiss.