Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy: I'm serious, what happened to the lights?
Lenny: What's the big deal?
Amy: It just feels weird, that's all.
Lenny: Not really what a guy wants to hear in bed.
Amy: Sorry.
Lenny: All right, let's check it out.

They get dressed in the dark and head out onto the landing, where they run into Rich & Janey.

Lenny: Hey, what's going on?
Rich: Not enough, clearly.

Janey sees Amy come out of the bedroom, after Lenny.

Janey: Amy?
Amy: Yeah.

Amy sees her reaction and shrugs her shoulders.

Amy: Rich, what's going on with lights?
Rich: Dunno, first time it's happened.
Lenny: It's probably the fuse, or Nick & Marco fucking around, I saw them go downstairs earlier.
Rich: Okay.

There is a pause as everyone looks at Lenny.

Lenny: Okay, I guess I'll go check it out. You coming, Amy?