Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy: We should get out of here.
Jenn: Let’s just stay and wait for the police.

Amy sits back for a moment, but decides she doesn’t want to stare at the KILLER’s steaming carcass any longer.

Amy: Come on.

Amy gets up and goes to help Jenn up, but she stays where she is. They hear the approaching sirens and Amy decides to try the garage door again. It raises about a inch, and then stops. She lets the door drop again.

Amy: Why won’t this lift?
Jenn: It seems to be jammed.

Amy looks to the side at the rail track, and notices there is a screwdriver stuck one of the holes.

Amy: (pointing) Look!

Amy pulls out the screwdriver and throws it away. They both then try the door and it lifts freely, just as the police and paramedics pull up. Amy & Jenn run toward the first squad car, when a policeman quickly gets out and draws his gun on them.

Policeman: GET DOWN!!!