Sunday, October 10, 2010


Nick, Jenn & Amy go into the kitchen and he finds his phone amongst some empty beer bottles on the counter. Nick hands it to Amy.

Nick: Here.

Amy calls 911.

Nick: Where'd Lizzie go?

He goes around the corner.

Nick: Lizzie?

911 comes on the line.

911: 911, what is your emergency?
Amy: Help!  There's been a murder.
911: Please call down, ma'am.  Where are you?
Amy: (to Jenn) What's the address here?
Jenn: Uh, Oakdale, Pallatine is the street, 248 I think.
Amy: 248 Pallatine in Oakdale.
911: Okay, I'm sending an officer now, can you stay on the line with me?
Jenn: Please hurry!
911: Please calm down, ma'am. What's your name?
Amy: Amy. Amy White.
911: Okay, Amy. Where are you right now?
Amy: I'm in the kitchen with my friend Jenn. I don't know where the others went.
911: Okay, I'm going to ask that you leave the house and wait for the police outside, can you do that for me?
Amy: Yes. (to Jenn) She says to go outside.

Amy & Jenn are walking to the front door, when the KILLER steps out of the washroom, blocking their escape. Amy & Jenn scream in unison.