Sunday, October 10, 2010


While Jen hits the dirt, Amy runs toward the policeman. All she wants to do is get to him. Amy doesn't hear the screams and doesn't notice the cop is trying to aim at something behind her. She runs into the policeman's arms.

Policeman: Jesus!

He tosses her to the side, and she falls to her knees. Confused, she looks back to the house. The first thing she sees is her friend writhing on the front lawn, blood pouring out a huge gash in her neck. The second is the KILLER bearing down on the cop. He manages to get one shot off before the KILLER jabs his knife into the cop's eye up to the handle. The cop's partner on the other side of the car lets off a few rounds, but misses as the KILLER ducks behind the car. 

Amy runs to Jenn and holds her in her arms, as she dies. Amy has just realized the shooting has stopped when a hand grabs her by the neck so roughly, that it snaps like a twig. She doesn't even feel the knife.