Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Lenny: Come here.

Amy and Lenny get busy in the dark and soon they lay in bed together, spent.

Lenny: Wow...
Amy: (chuckling) You all right?
Lenny: More than. Was it okay for you?
Amy: I have no complaints.
Lenny: Awesome.
Amy: (laughing)
Lenny: Remind me to thank Rich for dragging me out tonight.
Amy: So, what would you have been doing otherwise?
Lenny: Nothing as nice as this, I can assure you. Hey, you want a beer?
Amy: Sure.

Lenny starts to get dressed in the dark.

Amy: See if you can find out what's going with the power too.
Lenny: Will do.

Lenny gives Amy a parting kiss and leaves. Amy lies there in bed, and after a little while the power does come back on.