Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy knocks on the door.

Nick: Yeah?
Amy: Sorry guys, it's Amy, can I use your phone?
Nick: Hold on a sec.

Amy hears some rustling from behind the door, and then the door opens a crack. It is Lizzie. She hands out a phone and Amy takes it.

Lizzie: Here's mine, Nick can't find his.
Amy: Thanks, sorry to bother you.
Lizzie: No prob, just leave it in the living room when you're done.
Amy: Night, guys.
Lizzie: Yeah, later.

The door closes and Amy goes downstairs. She is dialling the number for a cab, when a figure dressed in black wearing a cheap Halloween mask comes out from the basement door behind her and clamps a hand over her mouth. Amy doesn't even get out a scream before she is dragged down into the darkness.