Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy: Sure, what the hell.
Marco: Okay, deal her in, Nick.
Nick: Allrighty.
Amy: So, how do you play?
Nick: You know how to play poker?
Amy: Well, kinda. I know the five card one, but not the one they play on TV all the time now.
Nick: Okay then, it's cool we're playing the five card draw, not Texas Hold 'em.
Lizzie: That's good, I don't know how to play the Texas one either.
Nick: So, you get one draw of up to three cards, and the one with the shittiest hand has to lose a piece of clothing that goes to the person with the best hand.
Amy: Is there any betting?
Marco: Sure, you can bet one piece of clothing a round, but even if you fold and you have the worst hand, you still have to put in a piece of clothing.
Amy: Okay, got it.
Diana: Do you have one of those sheets, with the what-beats-what on it?
Marco: Let me look.
Nick: (singing) Easy pickings!
Amy: (laughs)
Diana: Shut up. I know how to play, it's just been a while.

Nick deals out the first hand, which ends up with Diana losing a sock, to Marco. He flings it over his shoulder, wearing it like a trophy. The game continues on for quite sometime, with Amy fairing better than the other ladies. Diana is down to her bra and panties, when suddenly there is some crashing around upstairs.

Amy: What the hell's that?
Nick: Sounds like someone's having a good time.
Marco: I'll be having a great time, if you deal me some cards!
Diana: Ha ha.

The noise upstairs is persisting, but it is hard to make it out over the music being played in the basement.

Amy: Turn down the music, I think I hear screaming.
Marco: It's probably just the TV.
Amy: Turn it down!
Marco: Okay, okay.

Marco leans back and hits the mute button. The screaming has stopped.

Marco: See? Nothing. Can we proceed?