Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy screams for help, and soon Marco and the rest come through the doorway.

Marco: What the fuck is going on in here?
Diana: Jesus, who is that?
Amy: (crying) I don’t know. He killed Jenn!
Nick: Lizzie, call the police.
Lizzie: Right.

Lizzie pulls out her phone and starts dialling. Nick goes to Amy.

Nick: It’s okay, Amy. It’s over now.

As Nick passes the KILLER’s body, he comes alive and grabs Nick, bringing him down.

Nick: Jesus fuck! Get this guy offa me!

Marco looks to the far wall and sees an axe lying against it. The KILLER grabs his discarded knife and stabs Nick between the shoulder blades. Nick utters a horrible sound and slumps forward. The KILLER rolls Nick’s body off himself, and then crawls toward the screaming form of Amy. Marco rushes up with axe in hand and buries it into the KILLER’s skull. He grunts and then lies still. 

Amy and the rest of the survivors carry Nick’s bloodied body out onto the front lawn and wait for the police to arrive.