Saturday, October 9, 2010


Amy says a drink would be great and Lenny leaves, going through a door down the hall. Nick, Marco, Lizzie & Diana all go downstairs. Amy looks over at the sliding glass door Dax & Jenn left through and then at Duncan.

Amy: Hey Duncan. Dunc!

No response from him, he's out cold. Lenny soon returns with two bottles of beer. Amy takes it and starts to drink liberally, realizing that she may have fallen on the grenade to get her friend laid.

Amy: You're Lenny, right? We've met, haven't we?
Lenny: Yeah, at Janey's party last year and I think Rich's birthday at Sharkey's.
Amy: Oh yeah, how ya doin?
Lenny: Not bad for a fifth wheel.
Amy: I know the feeling.
Lenny: Really?

Amy motions to the door Dax & Jenn left through.

Lenny: They dating already? I thought you guys just met.
Amy: We did.
Lenny: Then what gives, you're way prettier than her.
Amy: (chuckling) Stop.
Lenny: Just saying.
Amy: I dunno, guess I figured it wasn't worth the effort.
Lenny: He seems all right to me.
Amy: Oh, I didn't mean it that way. I guess I'm just in a giving mood tonight.
Lenny: Really?

Amy shoots a glance at the back door, and Lenny takes to opportunity to move closer.

Amy: I should go see what's keeping them.
Lenny: I'm sure they're fine. Let's just hang here for a bit. Cheers.

Lenny holds out his beer and Amy clinks her bottle to his and they both take a swig.

Lenny: So you guys are friends of Janey's, right?
Amy: Yeah, we've known her a while. We hang around with a lot of the same people.
Lenny: She seems pretty cool, really good for Rich anyway.
Amy: How long have you known him?
Lenny: Oh, we go way back, used to live on the same street growing up.
Amy: Oh, that's cool, so like childhood friends.
Lenny: Yeah, he really looked out for me back then. I was kinda small in grade school, and it was really good to have someone looking out for me on the playground.
Amy: I know the feeling, I had two older brothers.
Lenny: Then you know...
Amy: Yeah...
Lenny: He still takes care of me, truth be told. I'd probably never leave the house, if he didn't get me out once and a while.
Amy: Why such a... what do you call it... reclusive?
Lenny: I don't know, guess I'm just shy.
Amy: Hmmm...

Amy yawns and drinks her beer.

Lenny: Tired?
Amy: Yeah, just all of a sudden. I'm gonna go get Jenn.

Amy goes to get up, but suddenly feels really dizzy and falls back down on the couch.

Lenny: Whoa, take it easy there!

Lenny puts his arm around her, as she collects herself.

Lenny: You alright.
Amy: Yeah, I just felt dizzy there for a second.
Lenny: Maybe you need to lie down. Come on, I'll take you upstairs.
Amy: No, I'm fine. I just need to get Jenn.

Amy puts her beer down and then looks at it, cluing in.

Amy: Did you put something in my beer?
Lenny: It's okay, I just wanted you to relax.
Amy: What?

Amy breaks free from Lenny's grip and scrambles to her feet. It's a struggle, as the room has started to spin. Lenny stands up and gets a hold of her and turns her around.

Lenny: It'll be fine, just relax.
Amy: Fuck off!

Amy pulls back, but loses her balance and falls to the floor. She looks up at Lenny, who's got a stupid smile on his face. She happens to look past him and sees a figure entering the living room, from the kitchen. He is dressed in black and wearing a cheap Halloween mask. He is also carrying a very large knife. Amy wonders if she's seeing things and can barely get out the words...

Amy: (slurring) Who th fuk ss that?
Lenny: Just relax, we'll go upstairs and everything'll be fine, trust me.

Amy sees the KILLER moving toward Lenny, with the knife raised. She has trouble lifting her arm to point at the figure behind Lenny.

Amy: Look out!

Before Lenny can react, the KILLER sticks his knife deep into Lenny's back. Blood spews from his mouth, as he falls to his knees. The KILLER kicks him forward onto the floor. Amy screams and tries to run, but her legs won't respond. She crawls down the hallway toward the front door. The KILLER is on her in moments, grabbing her by the hair with one hand and quickly slitting her throat with the blade in the other.