Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy, not wanting to be alone, walks upstairs with Marco. He knocks on the first door he gets to and opens it. He flicks on the light and they both see the carnage within. Both Rich & Janey have been eviscerated and the entire room is drenched in red. Marco wretches and Amy screams. As they stand frozen from shock in the doorway, they hear screams coming from downstairs.

Amy: He's still here!
Marco: Not for long.

Marco grabs the baseball bat that is lying just inside the bedroom doorway. He bounds down the stairs so quickly that Amy can barely keep up with him.

Amy: Wait!

They turn the corner heading for the basement, but screech to a halt when they see a man dressed in black, wearing a cheap Halloween mask standing down the hall, next to the door to the basement. The KILLER is holding a machete that is dripping with blood. Amy screams and turns for the front door.

Marco: I'm gonna fucking bust you up, man!

Amy looks on as she sees Marco runs forward with the bat raised. He bashes the KILLER squarely in the head with it. The KILLER stumbles a bit, but not much. Marco hits him again. Same deal. On Marco's third strike, the KILLER grabs the bat and slices off the hands holding it with his machete. Marco screams as the KILLER grabs him by the shirt and throws him into the living room. Amy stares on in disbelief. She looks at the bat, and then the front door behind her.