Sunday, October 10, 2010


Amy: We should get out of here.
Jenn: Okay.

They help each other up, and move toward the door. They carefully step over the steaming carcass of the KILLER. First Amy, then Jenn. 

Just as they are turning for the door, the KILLER comes alive and grabs Jenn's ankle. She squeals, falling to the ground and the KILLER is on her in a flash. Amy screams and looks around for a weapon. She sees an axe lying against the far wall and runs to it. The KILLER has his hands on Jenn's throat, and before Amy can get to her, she hears her friend's neck snap loudly. With a scream of rage, Amy buries the ax blade into the KILLER's skull. It sticks in and the KILLER falls off Jenn.  

Amy goes to her friend's side, but she is dead. Amy is a blubbering mess, but after a time, she leaves the garage. She unlocks on the front door, steps outside and stumbles off into the night.