Sunday, October 10, 2010


Duncan is clearly dead to the world, so Amy looks around for a phone. She is not having much luck, as the place is a colossal mess. Nick and Lizzie come upstairs have dressed.

Amy: Hey, who won?
Nick: Well, I think we're all winners really.
Amy: (chuckling) Yeah, right. Can I borrow your phone?
Nick: Sure.

Nick walks into the kitchen and finds his cell phone among a whole bunch of empties. He hands it to Amy.

Nick: Here ya go. Now, if you'll excuse us...
Amy: Oh, go to it. I'll just leave it on the table.

Nick chases Lizzie upstairs. Amy laughs and calls a cab.

Dispatcher: United Taxi.
Amy: Hi, Could I get a cab, please.
Dispatcher: Sure, where are you?
Amy: Uh, Pallatine in Oakdale.
Dispatcher: What's the address?
Amy: Ummm, hold on.